Monday, September 27, 2010

Mantor Monday: Subject Guide Edition

One of the really, really great things about librarians is that they like to make it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need. You might be thinking: but do they make it Easy Button easy? Hmmm? Do they?
Well, the answer is: if you are a student at UMF, yes. Almost that easy. Because the Mantor Library librarians do something awesome for the students and faculty here: they compile research guides for every subject - and a whole lot of course guides for individual classes.
These subject and course guides, accessible from the library home page under the heading "Research Tools", are loaded with tools and tips to make your research as pain-free as possible. Subject specific databases? Listed for you. How to find books on your topic? Covered. Need to know which citation style your professor requires, and a link to a tutorial with examples of proper form? You got it. Wondering what's out there for web resources? Check your course guide: it's in there.
Subject guides and course guides are developed with a tool called Libguides, which allows our librarians to arrange information in a user friendly format - tabs on top of each guide page help you navigate to the exact type of information you need.
We can't do your research for you - or at least, not without generous compensation. (Kidding! I'm kidding! We won't do it. Don't even ask.) But we can try to make it easier, because we're librarians. It's what we do.

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