Thursday, October 14, 2010

Making a List...

Are you a list maker? I am. I have "to do" lists, shopping lists, lists of books I want to read, work related lists and home related lists. Lists, for me, are like brain maps. They help me organize information and formulate a plan of attack for all the things I want to do. And let's face it: there's something really satisfying about crossing a completed item off a list. (I have a friend who is such an extreme "Type A Personality" listmaker, if she completes a task not on her list, she will ADD it to the list, just for the thrill of crossing it off. Yeah. I know. But she has a lot of other redeeming qualities, so we must forgive her for this bit of organizational overkill.)
If you are a list maker who is looking for ways to reduce paper in your life, or if you just like doing things digitally, have I got a site for you: Listography.
Listography allows you to create multitudes of lists on a customized background. You can create text lists and photo lists, and it's completely linkable to your blog, facebook, or myspace page.

If you find the details of other people's lives fascinating, there's more to see here than a reality show marathon: you can browse other people's lists for ideas and inspiration. You can even comment on lists, and get comments on yours. (Lists you make are public unless you make them in your "private" folder - so be aware, and don't use information you would not want made public - like address or phone lists.)
The user guide spells out how to format your lists, and, most importantly, how to cross things off.
Give it a look. It might just make a digital list maker out of you.

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