Friday, January 21, 2011

The Mantor Movie Collection

I was just downstairs perusing the movies we have here at Mantor, trying to decide which one I wanted to review today. The thing is, we have so many good ones, I just couldn't choose. It's not that we have thousands of DVDs. At last count we had 746, and I ordered another 100 or so for this next year, which will appear on the shelves as they get cataloged.

746 DVDs wouldn't look like much compared to the shelves of a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, but the shelves of a Blockbuster store are burdened down with a lot of dead weight. Movies that just aren't very good. In other words, the good movies to junk filler ratio is abysmal. In our collection, I'd like to think the ratio is much better--as close to no junk filler as possible. (Collections and opinions being what they are, I don't think it's possible to have anyone come in and look at a collection and be 100% sure they won't say there's any junk).

So what do we have? A bit of the best of everything. We've got some horror, westerns, noir, comedies, classics, documentaries, manga, mysteries, drama, foreign movies--you name it. We don't have the modern movies. I've tried to avoid adding many films that are readily available to rent elsewhere. But if you're looking for a good intro to any genre, this is the place to come.

Plus, did I mention they're free?

Come on by today and check one out for the weekend.

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