Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best. Flowchart. Ever.

Do you read science fiction or fantasy? You're going to love this. You know what? Scratch that question. Even if you don't like wizards, warlocks, dragons, pirates, dystopian worlds or post-apocalyptic cannibals, you'll still enjoy this flowchart. It's that fun.
The smart people at SF Signal took the NPR's list of reader-ranked top 100 books in these two genres, and turned it into a flow chart with 100 endpoints and 325 decision points. There is a printable version available here. (warning, huge download.) Not in the mood to follow arrows? There's an interactive online version here.
But for pure, colorful, joyful exploration of a cornucopia of best-loved books, take a few minutes to wander around this chart. Just keep an eye out for dragons.

(Click here to enjoy larger version.)


  1. scifi/fantasy/futurist/mathgeekDecember 8, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    Oh my gosh! This is Amazing! Thank you. Its going to take awhile to process all this. There should be a big foldout version to carry to the bookstore.

  2. Wait, Game of Thrones is not a just a TV show? Oh, me oh my. OK I'm in.