Monday, December 3, 2012

Mantor Monday - Study Space? Have it Your Way!

With finals approaching, our study rooms are booking up fast! Here's a rundown of the spaces we have available for solo and group study:

General study space - If you like distraction free study time, make a beeline for one of our individual study rooms in the basement. There are three of them, and this time of year they are in high demand.
There are also individual study carrels along the rear wall.
 Group spaces: four group study rooms seat 4-6 people each.

1st floor:
General study spaces - cafe tables and library tables in the Reference area.
Comfy spaces - couches and chairs in the Browsing Room and arm chairs at the ends of the Reference area stacks.
Group spaces - Project Zone 1 has a dual-screen computer and can accommodate up to four people.
The Enhanced Study Room seats ten people and has an interactive projector system available. (You must bring your own laptop to use the Smartboard system.)

Both the Project Zone and the Enhanced Study room are reservable.

General study spaces this peaceful area of the library offers very quiet carrels and one table for partner study.

2nd floor:
General study spaces - this is the quiet study zone. Tables and chairs, and carrels on this floor  for conversation-free study.
Comfy spaces -  couches in the quiet study zone.
Group Spaces - four group study rooms. One of these rooms has a projector available. Another one of the group rooms is being transitioned into a Project Zone. It has a computer, but currently there is no network access.  (So no browsing, database access, etc.)
Large Group Room - Large conference table with upholstered chairs, this room seats a dozen or so comfortably. This room is booked and unavailable for group study during the week 12/9 - 12/16.

The 2nd floor Project Zone, the group room with the projector, and the Large Group Room are reservable.

3rd floor:
General Study Spaces - tables and carrels for group and solo study.
Comfy spaces - couches and a deep, plushy armchair. (Caution: maybe a little TOO comfortable for serious study. Zzzzzzzzzz......)

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