Thursday, February 7, 2013

Printable Fashion? Call me "Maybe".

It should come as no surprise that a library environment nurtures creative and - yes - geeky people like a petri dish nurtures bacteria, and this library is no exception. So when things like maker spaces and 3D printers come up in conversation around here, eyes gleam and hearts pound. But I, being a fully fledged Captain-Planet-Green-Crusader, have so far been on the "meh" side of the 3D printer fence. The way I see it, the technology as it exists right now, in a format that most private individuals or maker spaces can afford, is only good for making plastic models. Is it cool? Yes. Does the world really need more plastic models? No.
But yesterday I saw a pretty fabulous argument for 3D printing:

The Little Black 3D Printed Dress.
I'm not sure if, from an environmental standpoint, printed textiles make more sense than conventional textiles. But from a design standpoint?  Something with this much creative potential just might sway me from "meh" to "maybe".

Check out Ecouterre for the full story on Iris Von Herpen's 3D printed couture.

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