Thursday, September 12, 2013

14 things, coming soon

from john.schultz @ flickr : used under Creative Commons license
Have you seen the new changes in Gmail? Heard about Getting Things Done? Wondered what the fuss is about TEDtalks? Thought about Facebook's privacy settings and what they mean for you? Wanted to know about managing your email or your online notes better?

Starting next Thursday (9/19/13), we'll be hosting regular posts on these topics and many more. Every other week during the academic year, we'll have a post highlighting a particular topic or issue. Our exact list of topics and dates is flexible, because we want to be able to respond if some great new resource or some new issue comes up, but some of the posts we're planning on include:
  • Managing your email better - everything from theories of how to do it to tools to help you keep track of the emails you need to come back to. 
  • Using Google Drive for collaboration - sharing, chatting, and revision tools. 
  • Conquering your to-do list: systems for task management, and tools to help you keep track. 
  • Passwords: what's secure, why, and some ways to choose good ones. 
  • How to learn new things: developing a network of resources, plus finding help when you need it. 
  • Making better presentations: sources for great images and ways to make more effective slides. 
  • Smartphones: what the computer in your pocket can do for you. 
  • Keeping track of references and notes: Great for academic research, but also for your home life. 
  • Your digital footprint: what can other people find about you online - and what you should know about that.
  • And more! 
On the weeks we don't have a focused post, we'll be sharing a handful of interesting links on related topics. Please feel free to share more - or your own thoughts and tips - in the comments of any of these posts. You can find all our posts under the 14 Things tag.

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