Thursday, October 17, 2013

14 things: Links for October 17th, 2013

Welcome to today's roundup of a few interesting links. 

Digital privacy: 
We're going to cover some digital privacy issues in more depth later in our 14 Things project, but
Facebook recently rolled out a few more changes in their settings, and that lead to several sites updating their comments on Facebook and privacy.

I like ReadWriteWeb's overview, which explains how a number of settings work, and TechCrunch has an interesting piece about what we should be thinking about in regard to privacy settings.

Useful tools: Lifehacker does a number of roundups, but their overviews of the recommended extensions for Chrome and Firefox might come in handy. (As always, not all of these fit the way I use these web browsers, but I usually find one or two new tricks in any roundup like this.)

Why libraries? Neil Gaiman (a fabulous author) gave a speech recently on why our future depends on libraries, reading, and daydreaming. It's a fascinating look at why fiction matters, why imagination matters, and why developing the skills to think about not just what is, but what might be, make a difference to society.

Coming next week, Thing 3!


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