Monday, November 8, 2010

Mantor Monday

Coming soon: The third movie in our "Food for Thought" film series. King Corn will be showing in Lincoln Auditorium, Tuesday, November 16, at 7:00 pm.

Imagine having laboratory hair analysis done, and finding out your body contains sky high levels of....corn. After film makers Ian Chaney and Curt Ellis get the strange news that they are extremely corny, they decide to grow an acre of the crop and attempt to follow it through the American foodscape.

Want a challenge? Go to the grocery store, and attempt to find any processed foods that do not contain corn. Corn syrup is ubiquitous. A huge percentage of corn grown in America is used as feed in the meat and dairy industry. Your cheeseburger? Might as well be a cornburger. Chaney and Ellis take us on a strange and entertaining trip as they show us just how big a stranglehold King Corn has on the food we eat.

As always, we will have encore showings of the film at 10am, 2 and 6pm in the Mantor Library Browsing Room. And remember to enter the drawing to win a free book!

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