Thursday, December 30, 2010

Choices and Gifts

Retail giant has taken some heat in the past few weeks. The case of the self-published "how to" manuscript written by a pedophile caused a furor in the news when Amazon decided to sell the book - and then decided not to sell it. Most recently, Amazon came down on the other side of the freedom of speech issue when it booted the Wikileaks site from Amazon servers. But whether you love Amazon or hate it, boycott it or are addicted to one-click - well, that's between you and the Big A: I'm here to talk about New Years resolutions.
I don't make them, but I do use this season to reflect on, and be grateful for, the good things that have occurred in the past year, and to think of the ideas and experiences I want to explore, things I want to learn, and books I want to read in the months ahead.
I came across a story about Good Riddance Day recently, and I quite like that idea, too. We can't run all the world's problems through a shredder and walk away, ( Goodbye, global warming....rrrrrrrrrrrrr...So long, war......rrrrrrrrrrr. Yeah. I wish!) but there are things that we can, and should, let go of and move on. We can make that choice. (But can we use imaginary paper and shredder and save some trees? Thanks.)
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos talks about gifts and choices in this commencement speech made to Princeton grads earlier this year. As part of my looking forward to what I want for myself in the new year, I particularly enjoyed the list of questions he puts to the new grads. How will you use your gifts? What choices will you make? Regardless of your opinion of Amazon and it's founder, I think this video is worth watching.

Happy New Year, everyone. See you in 2011.

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