Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm with the Band (books).

Hello, readers. Today, I had planned to do a blog post on the 55th anniversary of the day that Rosa Parks took a Montgomery bus ride into history. Instead, I'm writing about this:

Why yes, that IS Horton Hears The Who. And you're right. It has nothing at all to do with Rosa Parks. See, that's what I love about you. You catch on fast. But how, you may ask, did I get from Rosa to Horton?
Like this: I was sitting here in my office, pulling together some resources for the Rosa post, (and trying to figure out how to work in this post by David Booker at The Centered Librarian without committing outright plagiarism...) when two students began working in the Project Zone adjacent to my office. The Project Zones - we have two of them - are equipped with dual monitor, speedy computers, and all sorts of multi-media creating and editing software programs. I have no idea what sort of project they were working on, but boy, do I love the soundtrack. From Brian Setzer to Beyonce, the music coming through the duct work into my office had me doing some serious desk dancing. And I thought: that is one awesome musical mash-up. Which made me think of musical mash-ups in general, which made me think of a contest I read about on one of my favorite design sites, Coudal Partners. (That's just the way my mind works. Try to keep up.) Coudal Partners is a design firm that does all kinds of fun and interesting stuff, and looks like it would be a crazy fun place to work, if you like the sort of place that paints all it's bathroom walls in chalkboard paint to inspire creativity. (And I do. )
Anyway, Coudal Partners recently sponsored a contest called Booking Bands, inspired by a word game the Merry Designers had been playing on the bathroom wall, in which band names were mashed up with book titles. I know, right? I told you it would be fun to work there. But here's the good thing: we don't have to work there to play. I've created our own little chalkboard washroom on the library Facebook page!
So, for a good time, check out the Booked Bands at Coudal Partners for a little inspiration. And then, hop on over to Mantor Library's Facebook page and post your own mash-up under the Discussion Tab.
Oh - and extra points for anyone who can make a mash-up that somehow includes Rosa Parks.

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