Friday, May 6, 2011

Ken Burns Documentaries

Have you ever seen a Ken Burns documentary. If not, let me just say that you're missing out. This is a man who's so good at making documentaries, Apple named an effect after him. (The Ken Burns effect is when action is given to still photographs by zooming in or out of a particular spot of the photo. You've seen it before--I almost guarantee it.) Anyway, Burns has been steadily cranking out miles of documentary films over the years, all of them wonderfully done and very informative. The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, World War II, The National Parks, Mark Twain--hordes of movies. I've been working on adding some of these to Mantor's collections, and they're getting cataloged and put into circulation at last. Right now we have two great ones to choose from:
  • The Civil War is 660 minutes of film studying that period of history of America. 11 hours of meticulously researched material for you to watch and enjoy.
  • The National Parks trumps that, giving you 750 minutes of material focused on the creation of the national parks system and then looking at their 150 year history.
If you're a fan of learning through documentaries, why don't you come on by and check out these fine films? They circulate as a set (all Civil War discs together, and all National Parks discs together), so you can really make a marathon weekend out of them. As of right now, they're both checked in and waiting for you. Look for more documentary sets coming from us in the future.

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