Monday, August 29, 2011

Mantor Monday

Welcome, new students and faculty!

Are you ready to untangle the Mantor Maze? We're all geared up (and dressed in spiffy library staff t-shirts) for two sessions of our library orientation activity, today at 1:15 and 3:00.
With it's bewildering staircases and multiple floors, Mantor can be a confusing place to navigate. The Mantor Maze activity is a fun way to explore the building, learn about the resources available to you here, and of course - meet the friendly staff! Oh, and did I mention candy and prizes? Master the maze, and you will be showered with rewards.
And if you get lost in the attempt, we will come find you, and we will still give you candy. It's all win!

A reminder about library hours - we return to regular academic year hours - open weekends and evenings -, on Wednesday. We will be closed next Monday in observance of Labor Day.

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