Friday, May 4, 2012

AV Friday : You're Okay

(This brought to you by my friend Elise, who last night IMd me with "You need to go listen to this." After I did, I told her it was the perfect thing to share with all of you on this Friday before finals week.)

So. Ze Frank has a reputation for doing awesome stuff on the web. He's done two TED talks (Ze Frank's nerdcore comedy, from 2004, and Ze Frank's web playroom from 2010.)

But the thing I want to tell you about is neither of those. See, the thing my friend linked me to last night is a song he wrote. And got people to help with. It's the chillout song.

What I love about it is how he writes about it - and how he breaks the process down. First, he gets a basic idea going, riffing on the idea of an audio-hug, for when things get overwhelming. Then he gets people to sing along with it. Then he mixes those tracks to create the final piece. And in the end - well. That's one pretty convincing song to remind you that you're okay. You'll be fine. (Just breathe.)

You'll want to be somewhere you can have speakers or headphones on for this. Just saying.

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