Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not So Gross Anatomy

Remember those plastic models, the Visible Man and the Visible Woman? I got one for Christmas one year, painted all the "innards" as directed, got them all corralled inside the back and the front, and then...he visibly collected dust on a shelf for the next few years. Yawn.  Bring on the Sea Monkeys.

The anatomical models I'm sharing with you today are light years away from Mr. and Mrs. Plastic Parts.  They don't reek of formaldehyde or look uncomfortably like your Uncle Edgar, either, which is a big improvement over the traditional gross anatomy class experience.

The Biodigital 3D Human Simulator is 100% digital, and completely interactive. You can change the gender. You can explore body systems in 360 degrees, with zoom. You can simulate the effects of disease. And it's free. (Unless you want to pay for the turbo version.)
Try it here. 
Then, if you still want a Visible Man of your very own, you can find him here.

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