Thursday, June 14, 2012

Putting the "Gee" in Geometry

Humor me and pretend you don't see the "camera hands" reflection, ok?
Sarah Otley is good at finding things. If you need a book, and we don't have it, she will track that book down like a relentless bloodhound and get it here for you. She's also good at finding something I never could: the fun in math.
Sarah's new display in the Mantor Library browsing room is enticing even to a Math-phobe like me. Origami? Ruffly coral-reef-like crocheted hyperbolic planes? Not even a little bit scary. They are colorful, and cute, and yes - I will be the first to admit it - fun. Don't believe me? Come see for yourself.

Sarah has shared some links for more information about the kinds of modular origami and hyperbolic planes she features in the display, so I'm going to pass them on:

Crocheting Hyperbolic Planes:

Origami Math:

PHiZZ unit modular origami:

Sonobe unit modular origami:

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