Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was taking a spin around my favorite library blogs yesterday, when I spotted this at The Centered Librarian:Stop. The. Bus.
There are few things I love as much as I love books, and good food is one of them. Books about food? Bliss. So you can imagine how my endorphin levels spiked when I read that is offering up this yummy 97 page FREE (Yes, FREE. I know. I'm tearing up a little, too.) e-cookbook. And it's not your usual, crummy free cookbook, people. This is not like third grade, when your teacher photocopied (or *cough* mimeographed) all the moms' recipes for a class cookbook. No. There are no foreign objects floating in jello here, and no Cream-of-Whatever casseroles, either.
This is a slickly designed and beautifully photographed (Seriously: centerfold worthy food) little gem featuring my favorite kind of food: minimalist, done-in-ten-minutes, yet fresh and gorgeous and healthy. Think Zen fast food.
I haven't yet jumped on the e-book train. I don't own an e-reader. I like "real" books for the same reasons I like "real" food: reading is a sensory experience for me. I like the way books feel, and smell. I love the glossy, color-drenched pages of art and gardening books - and cookbooks, too. I didn't think an e-book could give me the same sort of experience, but this e-cookbook comes mighty close. And the fact that it's free? Gravy. Or, in this case, Tahini Lemon Dressing.
Oh, and by the way, Consider yourself fanned. I'll be back.
What about you? Are you feeling the e-book love? Or do you like your cookbooks old-school, with the pages all grease-spotty and stuck together?
Yours in hunger,


  1. E-books, G-books, R-books (especially r-books), I love them all, but I agree with you Bookjones, my favorites by far are real books.

  2. Love real books, but also love e-books. For some reason I'm a huge fan of e-cookbooks. I hate food on real books, but I can always wipe a screen clean. I also hate to cook although a enjoy cookbooks. A well designed e-cookbook with pictures and recipes that I don't have to work at? priceless! Will down load it right off.

  3. Spoiler for Chicken: delicious things are happening to you kin on pages 23 & 54. You may want to avoid those particular recipes. Other than that, I hope you enjoy.

    Sarah - you'd want to avoid my cookbooks like the plague. They all have certain well-loved pages that look like they were used as food fight body armor.

  4. Whoops, make that "your" kin, Chicken!