Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet Me at the MoOM

In his insanely catchy song "Little Lies", Dave Barnes sings:
"There's a devil on my shoulder, baby, ooo-oooh,
and I believe too many things he says...."

Yes. Well. Turns out Dave isn't the only one with a devil on his shoulder. The problem seems weirdly prevalent among old-timey magicians, as well, at least if the artwork in A Visual History of Whispering Imps on Magic Posters is to be believed.
This sinister collection of magician memorabilia is one of the featured websites this month on an interesting new reference site I came across recently.

The Museum of Online Museums (I just love the Russian Nesting Doll quality of that name.) is an eclectic mix of online museums, galleries, and exhibits. There are traditional mainstays on offer, such as the Smithsonian and the National Gallery, but also quirkier entries, such as The Bubble Blowers Museum, The Archive of American Gothic Parodies, and this two minute video: a visual blitz of every painting hanging in the MoMA, accompanied by piano.

The Museum of Online Museums is updated quarterly, with featured exhibits (such as our imps) displayed in the left hand column, and then archived afterward for later viewing. So, if you enjoy virtual museum tours, or have a patron searching for the beautiful or the bizarre, take a spin around the MoOM.

And now, just because it's Thursday, and because I know you want it, I'm going to leave you with Dave and his Little Lies. And if you find yourself compulsively singing lalalalala LA la afterward? Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Book Jones, I love it and that's no lie. lalalalala LA la