Monday, June 28, 2010

Mantor Monday

"It's quiet out there."
"A little too quiet."
In the movies, as soon as the second line of dialogue has been uttered, things get rapidly unquiet. But I've been muttering those lines all morning, in my best gravelly cowboy voice, and...nothing happens. Apparently, in real life, those two phrases do not have the power to summon enemy troops/zombies/cattle rustlers -or anything else, for that matter. It remains a very quiet, very rainy day in the library.
You know what would be an awesome way to while away a rainy day? DOH! A Simpsons Marathon! I just wandered out to the new materials shelf, and jackpot, Homer fans. Mantor Library has seasons 1 through 8 on DVD. That's hours and hours worth - enough to keep you blissed out on the couch until the sun comes out again.
Or maybe you're one of the Lisa Simpsons of the world, and feel the need to do something a little more, well, productive, than hanging out with Bart. If you're a student or faculty member at UMF, you could come in and use one of the Project Zones here at Mantor. The Project Zone computers are loaded up with design software: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, film & sound editing software - everything you need for a multimedia project. Booking one of the project zones is easy. On the Library home page, click on the Quick Links drop down menu. You'll see calendars for Project Zones 1 and 2. A quick check will tell you if the time slot you're interested in is available. Then, it's just a matter of calling the library at (207) 778-7210 and asking a staff member to book a Project Zone for you.
Get the Simpsons or get creative or (my personal favorite) get a book. I don't care what you get here, just get here if you can. And while you're here, stop by and say hi.
Because it's quiet in here.
Too quiet.
Bookjones, out.

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