Monday, March 21, 2011

Mantor Monday

Looking for a comfy place to read or study? The reference area has sprouted some Spring green armchairs! Located behind the reference stacks, each chair is nestled into it's own private bay, and is paired with a funky convertible laptop stand that can be used low like a coffee table, or high like a desk, depending on your work style. We've accessorized each study bay with some colorful artwork, as well: posters of graffiti-style takes on classic fiction covers. Enjoy!

In other Mantor news, the Mountain Valley High School sent a group of juniors and seniors over for a morning visit today. The students came as part of a Gear Up program that exposes high school groups to college experiences. The students enthusiastically tackled a library orienteering activity, which sent them exploring all over the library in search of clues. Then, Laurie MacWhinnie, Head of Reference, led them through a taste of college research in the Peter Mills Electronic Classroom. When asked if they had discovered anything surprising about the library, many of them commented about our confusing stairs (they ARE fairly Hogwarts -ish) and they were impressed by the study rooms. It was fun to host them, and we hope to see some of them returning as UMF students after graduation.

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