Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ninite.com: A Techie's Public Service Announcement

I was reminded this last week that often some of the tricks and tools I take for granted are things that other people might not be aware of. Today's tidbit? Ninite.com  If you're in the business of installing programs onto computers quickly and easily, this thing is a gift from above. What does it do? It's a website that aggregates all the different commonly used programs out there. You simply check off all the programs you want to install, then download them all at once as a single file. You click on that file, and it installs all the programs you selected. Easy. Simple. No bloatware offers to uncheck. No endless series of "OK" to click. No searching website after website for the current version of the software. It's a one stop shop that gets almost everything you need done, all at once.

So last week, when I upgraded my computer to Windows 7, I got Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iTunes, Quicktime, Flash, Java, Silverlight, Air, Picasa, Reader and Steam, all at once, installed in minutes. And because I enjoyed it so much, I thought you all might enjoy it, too. Questions? Fire away!

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