Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding your way (Resource Wednesday)

One of the most common comments we've heard in the past few weeks is how confusing the building is. Just to complicate things, we've been moving items around, so some items are in different places than they were last spring. (But we think the new locations will make things a lot easier.)

Why is it like this? Well, the library's made up of two different buildings that were connected. One side has the book basement, first floor, and second floor. The other side has the first floor, mezzanine, and third floor (and a tiny bit of second floor that's mostly library staff space). And then there are six staircases.

To help you out, we've updated our website. If you take a look at our How To Find Your Way Around page, you'll see links to current maps of each floor, information about what you can find in each location, and much more.

Here's a few more highlights:

No staircase goes to all floors - but the elevator does. So, if you get totally lost, the elevator can be a really good solution. (The one place the elevator didn't go, the former periodicals basement, is now staff space.)

We've condensed our shelving so it's easier to find things:
  • The Book Basement has books with call numbers beginning P to Z
  • The First floor has the Access Services desk, computers, reference, and periodicals (both current and older copies).
  • The Mezzanine has our media collection.
  • The Second floor has books with call numbers A to N and some staff space.
  • The Third floor has the Juvenile and Young Adult collection, the Peter Mills Electronic Classroom, and another set of staff offices.
Again, the How to Find Your Way Around page has a lot more information, like what kinds of study spaces, computers, and other resources you can find where.

We have motion-sensitive lights like a lot of the rest of the campus: If you're working (especially in the book basement) and the lights go out, wave your arms or move a step or two. (Down there, we have sensors at the end of each row, to help with this.)

When all else fails: Come ask at the main desk (Access Services) that's on the right as you first enter the library. The friendly people there can point you in the right direction. The Library Information Services staff (on the third floor) are also glad to help if you're upstairs.

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