Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Resource Wednesday: borrow for your Kindle

The big news of late last week was the announcement from Overdrive (the company who handles ebook lending for most libraries who offer it, including Mantor Library and Farmington Public) that they'd launched the ability to borrow books in Kindle format.

So, if you have a Kindle - or a Kindle reader app for your other devices - you just got access to a bunch more great things to read. (And there are reader apps for pretty much every major device out there.)

How does it work? 
1) Go to the Maine InfoNet Download Library page. (You can also browse there from our databases page.)

2) Find a book you'd like to read. You can search for a particular title, browse by genre or subject (using the lists in the left sidebar). You can also browse from the entire list of subjects. And you can limit just to Kindle titles by clicking the "Now Available: Library eBooks for Kindle" image in the left sidebar.

If you'd like a book right now, once you select a genre, you can limit to books currently available (as opposed to those where you'd have to wait) by checking the box right under the search box that says "only show titles with copies available", and click the search button again.

3) When you've found your Kindle ebook you'd like to read, click on the add to cart link. You'll get taken to a page where you see a list of any books you've selected and information about the loan period. (You have 45 minutes to complete the checkout process: after that, the book is automatically returned to be available for other people.)

4) Check out the book by entering your barcode.

5) Click the Get for Kindle button. This will open the Amazon website (you may need to log in if you aren't already).

6) Select your Kindle device or reading app, click the Get library book button. Then sync your device or app, and the book should appear on your reader.

Important details! 
1) You can only get books using Wi-Fi or USB connections - Kindle for Libraries does not work over the Kindle 3G network. If your Kindle doesn't have Wi-Fi, or you're not near a Wi-Fi connection, read Amazon's instruction transferring by USB

2) At the end of the loan period, the title will be automatically returned, and you'll need to go through the checkout process again.

3) If you can't find the title, check your archived items area.

4) Just as with physical books, books that are checked out won't be available for an immediate loan - this is part of the licensing process. You can place a hold, and you'll get an email when the book is available.

5) The loan period is set by the library consortium we're a part of - we don't have individual control over the length of the loan. 

(Got other questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments, and we'll be glad to help find the answers.)

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