Monday, April 9, 2012

Mantor Monday

Reminder: the deadline for the Great Outdoors Writing Contest is Wednesday, so if you've got something to submit, get it in ASAP!! Click the link if you need submission how-to information.

The annual faculty and staff scholarship display is set up in the browsing room, and includes painting, sculpture, and fiber arts as well as more traditional written forms of scholarship. Have a look if you're in the library.

The new bistro style seating has been installed on the first floor, and it looks great. If you want the table by the wall (the one with access to a plug), get here early. That one is occupied all day long!

Other first floor news: Project Zone computers no longer require a staff person for log-ins. The log in for Project Zone computers is now self-serve, with i.d.s and passwords posted in the Zones.

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