Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Technology Tuesday: Initial Impressions of the iPad 3

My new iPad arrived yesterday, and I've had just a smidgen of time to test it out. The verdict so far? Very impressive. The screen is every bit as wondrous as you've heard. The camera is a huge improvement--especially with such a big screen to look at pictures on. The speed is peppy, the weight is fine

Really, the only drawback to upgrading is what a pain it is. You've got to back up your old iPad, then restore that image to your new one. The thing is, the new one doesn't transfer all the apps, so you have to redownload all of them. (And you lose all your progress in your games, which is no fun whatsoever.) At least I didn't lose any documents or pictures this time.

But the question you want answered is, "Should I upgrade?" I'd say that if you have and love an iPad 1, then yes, you should. This is everything people had hoped the iPad could be. If you have an iPad 2, then it's more debatable. Are the upgrades significant enough? Not sure. That's something you'll have to answer for yourself. I'd guess for 65% of you, though, they won't be.

Then again, I've only had it for a day. We'll have to see what the next weeks and months have in store.

In any case--color me excited!

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