Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Behind the Scenes in Technology World

I came across a fascinating article in Wired today, detailing the behind the scenes shenanigans that have gone on between Apple and AT&T as they've bickered over how the iPhone should be used and deployed. Interesting stuff ranging from AT&T suggesting Steve Jobs ought to wear a suit to Steve Jobs denying AT&T the chance to use the iPhone in some of their ads. The bottom line of the article is that while the iPhone has been extremely profitable for both companies, the actual experience of creating it and getting it to the public has been a rocky one.

I think it's helpful to realize as end users that the products we see and use every day--even the wildly successful ones--have a lot of thought, argument, tinkering and change that goes on behind the scenes. As users of technology and information, it's easy to accept things at face value. All too often, a lot of work and effort goes into making things appear effortless. It's certainly the case at libraries. When we're doing our jobs right, people don't notice how useful we are, because it's all about not getting in the way between them and information. Ideally, we train everyone so well that they know just how and where to find what they need. (Lots of people already believe it, but there's a difference between believing you know how to do something, and knowing how to do something.)

Anyway--bottom line is that I think this adds further credence to the likelihood of the iPhone coming out here to Western Maine at some point. Hooray for that!

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