Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A few recent changes

Last week, we made a few changes to our library computers, and I wanted to update and let you know about them. There's three big things you might notice: printing changes, some fixes to improve login speed and some ongoing annoyances, and community patron login changes

Printing changes: We have moved to the same printing software as much of the rest of campus. Now, once you select an item to print (such as by going to File -> Print, making any needed selections, and clicking the Print button), you will be prompted for a username and password.

UMF students/faculty/staff, please enter your UMF login (the same one you use for email and MyCampus.) You can also choose how long to stay logged in to the print queue (anywhere from 5 minutes until you log out).

Community patrons: Please see below.

Back-end changes: 
I'll spare you the technical parts, but the changes we made:
  • Improve login time (once you enter your username and password, it now takes about 30 seconds instead of the 2+ minutes it used to). 
  • Fix some problems with Firefox treating every new user on a particular machine like a newly upgraded browser. 
  • Simplify some other details for easier management.
One change here is that (for UMF Students/faculty/staff) your H drive will no longer map automatically. Instead, double click on the "Connect to H drive" icon on your desktop, enter your username and password, and you'll be connected.

Community patron changes:
We are moving back to a system of a generic username/password for everyone, rather than having a unique account for each community patron. Please stop by the Access Services desk as you enter the library and ask them for a handout with more information.

Once you have your login information, you will log in using the new username/password. If you wish to print, enter it again when prompted. Community patrons will see a small window pop up in the lower right of the screen, letting you know your print job has been sent to the queue. This is completely normal.

When you are ready to get your print job, come to Access Services. They may ask for information to identify your print job - the number of pages, the number of the computer you were printing from, or the name of your document all will help. Printing remains at $0.10 (10 cents) per page.

Any questions? Please ask here, or you can stop by Access Services for more information. 

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