Thursday, November 8, 2012

What kind of study space are you looking for?

If you've been in the library lately, you may have noticed that we are trying to accommodate many different study styles.  We have places for solo and group study, quiet and collaborative spaces. In other words, we've been paying attention to how students use the library, and the spaces and equipment that best meet those needs. Lately, we've been focusing on making large-group study spaces available, because that's what seems most in demand. We opened the staff conference room on the second floor to study groups, because it comfortably seats a small crowd, as well as turned one of the first floor Project Zones into a Smartboard enhanced group study/classroom.  Both spaces get used a lot.
So I was a little surprised to see this infographic from a survey of 250 grad and undergrad students from around the country.  (The article itself is on co.EXIST) The survey asked the students what they wanted from their campus and library in terms of work and study space, as well as preferred format for classes and lectures. The survey results seem to suggest that the majority of students in the survey want quiet, solo study spaces.
Take a look at the infographic...and please leave a  comment: what do YOU want to see in our library for study spaces?  Your feedback is important to us.

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